“Min Xiao-Fen’s ‘Mao, Monk and Me,’ a moving solo album — just seven tunes, not 70 — with outside-the-lines renditions of two Monk classics, ‘Ask Me Now’ and ‘Misterioso.’ Playing the pipa, a Chinese lute, she brought her own history to the pieces while seeming to savor crucial elements of Monk’s genius: his thorough, ringing engagement with his instrument’s strings; his percussiveness; his capering between zips and blasts and meaningful silence.” — Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times

“[‘Annica’] from her new album White Lotus, out June 25, reveals ancient dimensions of harmony and order. What initially may have come off as strange and different becomes incontrovertibly human—something with a center of gravity in the heart or the guts.” — Morgan Enos, Grammy.com

“Min Xiao-Fen is one of the world’s greatest virtuosos…” – Ned Wharton, NPR Weekend Edition


“The jazz world’s most authoritative voice on pipa, a four-stringed Chinese lute, is Min Xiao-Fen.” – Nate Chinen, WBGO Take Five

“New York has long served as cultural meeting ground and springboard for personalized musical expression. Even within this context, Ms. Min’s story is distinct. Since her arrival here in 1996, she has expanded her instrument’s possibilities as an element for contemporary composers and as a voice within the landscapes of jazz and free improvisation.”— Larry Blumenfeld, The Wall Street Journal